Our Products

Threading tap sourced, ground and supplied. Precision ground high-speed steel.

Counter sinks or deburring cutters modified and cam ground with diamond wheels any angle.

Tapered endmill plus radius as per order.

Tungsten carbide endmill, ground to diameter as defined by customers tolerances.

Key cutter for key cutting industry, made and supplied.

High-speed steel left and right hand taps, sourced, modified and sharpened.

Morse tapered reamer made and supplied to customers specifications.

Tungsten carbide or high-speed steel left or right hand spirals ground or refluted to any size.

Unimill endmill reground to customers order.

Multi-stepped step drill in tungsten carbide or high-speed steel as per customers drawing.

High-speed steel endmill, spiral ground to diameter as per specifications.

High-speed steel and tungsten carbide spade drill as per customers drawing. 24 hour turn-around.

Spiral ground ball nose endmill ground to radius as per customers requirements.

Morse taper shank drill precision ground to 1" shank to suit customers needs and ground to step drill as per requirements.